Chic But Make It Comfy: 6 Fool-Proof Tips To Take Your Activewear Out Of The Gym

Chic But Make It Comfy: 6 Fool-Proof Tips To Take Your Activewear Out Of The  Gym

How does one incorporate their activewear out of the gym while ensuring utmost style. Let us begin by saying that it is easier than it might sound and here are some useful tips that will come in handy! 



Ace designer Vera Wang once said, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes” and we second it. From waist-cinching corsets to ridiculously wide skirts, while the fashion history might be full of some bizarre, and not to forget highly uncomfortable examples, the times are fast changing. Especially when it comes to the infamous fashion/comfort dichotomy, the lines are getting effectively blurred. It is not about choosing just one because the woman of today wants it all! One might say that it is a brand new era and the athleisure trend needs to be accredited for bringing in a drastic change in the past half a decade or so. 

Fashion girls across the world are fast embracing breezy, more comfortable clothing trends, the kind that they can both take out for a spin and lounge in. Think international celebs sauntering across posh streets in snug yoga tights, sports bras, and gossamer layers. All over the world, the fashion vibe is turning comfy with the gym wear finding a space in our everyday wardrobes and we are here for it! 

Now, here comes an important question--how does one take their activewear out of the gym while ensuring utmost style. Let us begin by saying that it is easier than it might sound and here are some useful tips that will come in handy whenever you want to take your athleisure wear out for a spin:

Mix & Match 

Mix and match has to be your mantra when it comes to taking your activewear out of the gym. The idea is simple--take out your favourite athleisure picks, throw in some dressier separates, and you’d be gold. Take, for instance, the super dependable sports bra, linen shirt, and trouser pairing. You can also match a cutesy top with a pair of funky tights for an eclectic appeal. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while mixing your athleisure wear with daily wear separates is that you opt for chic activewear that is as striking as it is comfy. We recommend the Venom Series by SKNZ if you are just beginning to experiment with the athleisure trend. 

Think Beyond Black & White

It is high time that you let go of your boring black and white activewear in case you want to incorporate these separates in your daily wear looks. Look out for fun cuts, patterns, and designs. In fact, even when you are selecting activewear just for the gym, we recommend that you keep it fun with picks that get you excited about wearing them. To keep you covered in that department, we at SKNZ are making athleisure clothes that feel like a second skin and look absolutely striking. You can explore SKNZ’s Bloom series for pastel-hued sets that have been crafted to perfection while paying ample attention to detail. We would recommend the Metallic series by SKNZ in case you like all things glittery and seek to add a touch of glam to your everyday outfits. 

SKNZ’s Leopard series has to be your pick in case you are constantly looking out for all things unique. 








Jazz It Up A Little 

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories when it comes to curating stylish daily wear looks. Invest in standout studs, polo caps, delicate necklaces, crossbody bags, and chunky sneakers because the right accessories can literally make or break your look. However, ensure to keep it minimal and take care that you don’t end up overdoing it. For instance, if you have picked up a pair of druzy earrings to go with your look, steer clear of other jewels. Going overboard with your accessories will spoil your look and also beat the entire comfort factor by making you uneasy. 

Don’t Be Shabby

Do yourself a favour and please don’t end up showing up to a restaurant in the same activewear that you wore to the gym. Just like the rest of your separates, the activewear additions in your outfit need to be absolutely clean. Plus, it is important that you recognise when it is time to discard a done-to-death separate and part away with them.

Wear Your Style

You tend to automatically look good in an outfit that you are comfortable in. This is why it is important that you don’t compromise on your personal style while creating an athleisure look just because it might have looked good on a celeb. There are literally endless ways to style the same yoga pants while ensuring that your personal style reigns supreme in the look. For instance, you can pair them with a risque crop top if you like it bold. The same tights can also be worn with an oversized shirt for an entirely different look. The bottom line is that you need to mould the outfit as per your personal style and in no condition should it be the other way round. 

Less Is More

Yes, athleisure is one of the best things that might have happened on the style front but that does not mean that you go all in and absolutely overboard while conceptualising your look. Remember, that you don’t wanna look like you just discovered activewear and didn’t know how to keep your calm. The idea is to keep it understated and classy. Here are some ways to not look like a mess while opting for an athleisure look: 

  1. Don’t do print on print unless there is an element of harmony to your prints. 
  2. Don’t go for had to toe athleisure picks thinking that you can pass it off as a streetwear look. It does not work that way!
  3. Opt for sneakers, loafers or flats while steering clear of heels and fancy footwear. 
  4. Accessorise appropriately. 

So, ladies, all set to take your activewear out of the gym?

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