SKNZ Is Ushering A New Athleisure Trend!

SKNZ Is Ushering A New Athleisure Trend!

SKNZ Is Ushering A New Athleisure Trend With Activewear That Is Equal Parts Comfy & Chic!

At SKNZ, we offer functional clothing that is every bit Chic and stylish. Why wear your athleisure wear just to the gym, when you can totally carry it every other day while looking like an absolute diva?

Fashion as we know it has changed drastically in the past year. In 2020, while a plethora of well-hailed high street brands declared bankruptcy and went kaput, there were also some that prospered. A common differentiator among them all? They were making clothes that resonated with the spirits of modern-day women and did not compromise on the wearability factor.

As most of us spent our lives in the confines of our homes, fashion found a new language. Suddenly comfort was an integral prerequisite and thus the Athleisure trend found its impetus in India. 

A confluence of the words athletic and leisure, ‘athleisure’ has long been synonymous with activewear and workout clothing. However, in the past couple of years, it has metamorphosed to take on a new life and meaning. Athleisure apparels are no longer confined to our gyms or workout classes. From a brunch to a fun night out, you can literally take it from day to night provided that you manage to lay your hands on the right fits which, by the way, still happens to be a major hiccup in India’s athleisure scene. For the longest time now, athleisure wear has eschewed style over comfort. We at SKNZ ask a very simple question today--why compromise on any of them when can simply have both? 



 Dress Up For The Gym (& Everywhere Else) With SKNZ 

Why is it that we sometimes choose style over comfort? Why does our gym apparel look absolutely drab? Why can't we look Hollywood star-level glam while working out? Why is our activewear confined to the gyms? 

There were some of the questions that we tried to answer while creating SKNZ. Our vision was simple--we wanted to create athleisure clothing that actually lived up to the name. The year 2020 presented us with fitting answers and a great opportunity. Our social media feed was crowded by fashion girls across the world adopting cozy clothing that exuded an ‘at home-vibe’ while still having a solid style element to it. However, functionality was still missing and thus SKYZ was born with the mission of filling the gap.  

We launched in 2020 and since then we have been bringing the fashion houses approach to athleisure wear. At SKNZ, we offer functional clothing that is every bit chic and stylish. We have brainstormed relentlessly to give you clothing that feels like a dream and have you feeling your best. The fashion memo is utterly clear with our brand--why wear it just to the gym when you can totally carry it every else while looking like an absolute diva?



 Why SKNZ?

Wondering why you should choose SKNZ when there exist so many other athleisure brands in the market? Here’s why:

-  Feels Like A Second Skin 

The athleisure clothes that we were making at SKNZ had to be flawless, fabulous, and every bit functional and we knew that the fabric that we would use would turn out to be the actual changemaker. We eventually zeroed down on our aerodynamically designed fabric that is buttery soft and sways with your body along with all the twists and turns. 



- Don’t Hide Those Curves

We at SKNZ believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and deserves to feel that way. We are doing our part in promoting the narrative by ensuring that people feel absolutely confident in our athleisure clothes. Our ultra-soft fabric hugs and contours your curves to make you feel your best. Our padded sports bras do the task pretty well as well by giving you a flattering feel that will have you hooked. 

- Comfy But Makes It Chic

Let’s just say it for once and for all--monotone activewear has already been done to death and it is high time that we jazz things up in the athleisure wear department. From metallic accents to foxy animal prints, we ensure to always keep it trendy with our activewear. Rest assured, you will make them all do a double-take the very instant you enter the gym in your SKNZ athleisure wear. Seriously, Kim Kardashian will have nothing on you with SKNZ separates in your closet. 

- Versatile And How!

Think about this--life would be really easy if you could just wear that snug legging everywhere that you go, right? We feel you and have created SKNZ for that exact reason! We have long wanted to take our activewear out for a spin and beyond our gyms. SKNZ has helped us realise that dream. Just pick up one of our printed sports bras, layer it up with a flimsy cotton shirt for your next lunch date, and you will be gold! 

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